For the TriaL: 

MAKEUP: Arrive at your appointment with a fresh face and no makeup.

Bring your outfit(s) or pictures of your outfit(s) so we can plan your makeup look(s) based on the colors you will be wearing.

HAIR: Wash and blow dry your hair 24-36 hours before the trial - Freshly washed hair will not hold bridal styling.

If you own real human hair clip-in extensions (must be at least 160g and at least 18 inches), please bring that to your hair trial. If you do not own extensions but would like to use them for your events, I have high quality hair extensions in several shades available for purchase at my studio.

Bring your dupatta/veil if you will be wearing one on your head for your event. Bring any head jewelry/hair accessories to your hair trial so we can secure it in your hair and ensure that your style is compatible with your hair pieces.

Bring pictures of hairstyles that you like so we can plan a look that will fit your vision and style for your big day.

For Bridal MAkeup:

Please be ready for your appointment with a fresh face and no makeup.

SETUP: For bridal makeup, I will need a table next to a window with lots of natural light (exception: bookings before sunrise). A high height chair or barstool is preferred, however we can raise a normal chair seat with pillows if needed. 

for bridal hair:

Wash and blow dry your hair 24-36 hours before your appointment - Freshly washed hair will not hold bridal hair-styling. For brides with multiple wedding events back to back, we will plan out your hair washing schedule during your trial or consultation.

Before your appointment start time, please put on any pieces of your outfit and jewelry that goes over your head such as string-close necklaces, blouses and suits. This is extremely important because putting clothes or jewelry on over your head after your hair is styled runs the risk of ruining the hairstyle.

Have your jewelry pieces/accessories out and ready to be secured in your hair and your dupatta/veil ready for pinning.

SETUP: For bridal hair, I will need a table next to an outlet for my tools. A normal height chair with a lower back is preferable, and a full length mirror is needed in front of the chair. If you will be getting ready at home and don't have access to a full length mirror where we will be setting up, they are very inexpensive at Target or Walmart. 




MAKEUP: To remove false lashes, apply an oil-based makeup remover to the base of your lashes. Massage the roots of your lashes with the makeup remover until lashes begin to slide off - you should not have to pull the lashes from your eyes. Coconut oil, baby oil or vitamin E oil are all safe to use as makeup removers as well. After the lashes have been removed, use a cleanser to remove residual oil and glue.

HAIR: Remove all bobby pins, hair padding and hairpieces from hair. To safely brush out teased hair, apply a generous amount of conditioner before shampooing the hair - the conditioner will act as a detangler and soften the tease. Before shampooing out the conditioner, gently brush the hair starting at the ends and working the brush up to the roots in two-three inch sections. Shampoo as usual to clean hair of excess conditioner.